Jemma became poorly during Feb half term 2014.  She was initially taken into Wigan Infirmary A&E but was quickly transferred to Manchester Children’s Hospital.  As her condition continued to deteriorate she was then transferred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool for life saving treatment.

Jemma initially displayed symptoms of a common sickness bug, however her condition deteriorated rapidly as she developed an infection of her blood which resulted in septicaemia. Jemma’s body reacted in a rare but devastating way which caused a condition known as toxic shock resulting in systematic multi-organ failure.

The NHS staff worked tirelessly in a bid to save Jemma, and successfully managed to stabilise her condition with the use of an artificial Heart & Lung to support her (ECMO).  Jemma’s condition appeared to be showing signs of improvement until she suffered a bleed to her brain from which she never recovered.

Jemma and her family were cared for wonderfully throughout by the many consultants, nurses and other staff in PICU. We know that each and every person who came into contact with us and Jemma had tried their very best.  They really did become our family in the short space of time we were there and their support helped us through such a difficult time. We would like to pledge donations to Alder Hey Charities for the PICU department and to Bereavement House.

Throughout Jemma's short illness we stayed in Ronald McDonald House.  There are facilities there for families and it meant we didn’t have to keep making the journey to and from hospital each day.  It also gave us the security of knowing should anything happen to Jemma we were only a few minutes from her bedside.